Midland Dynamo

For more than 30 years Midland Dynamo have been manufacturing brake motors. What started out as a a service offered to a few special clients is now an essential part of Midland Dynamo Group's Drives and Control activities, as specialist department having been set up in 1969 to manufacture brake motors in response to customer demands.

The Company philosophy has always been to manufacture brake motors to customers' specifications and to meet their often urgent delivery requirements.

A unique flexible method of manufacture enables brake motors to be built to meet customers' specific requirements, whether it be simply fitting a hand-release to the brake or an extension shaft at the non-drive-end with hand wheel for hand turning. These requirements are normal practice for Midland Dynamo thus enabling very quick deliveries to be maintained.

A Team of inside and outside Sales Engineers, experienced in many different forms of braking systems is on hand to assist clients with applications, ensuring that the correct brake motor is offered to meet applicational needs. An efficient sales office team then processes orders effectively and quickly to see that delivery requirements are met.