Midland Dynamo Brake Motors

The Midland Dynamo Brake Motor is an extremely compact combination of an electro-magnetic disc brake and a standard British Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor. The Brake, of single disc 'Fail to Safety' design, is mounted at the non-driving end of the motor between the cooling fan and the motor endshield and is completely protected by the fan cowl. This arrangement completely maintains the full rated output of the motor and assists in dissipating the heat resulting from the braking operations. For normal applications the brake is adequately protected; extra protective features are available when the unit is required to operate in damp, corrosive, metallic or dirt laden atmospheres. Full details are available from the Sales Office.


Midland Dynamo Brake Motors utilize a standard British T.E.F.C. motor, either metric frame sizes to B.S. 5000 Part 17 or fractional H.P. frames (B.S. 50 series) to B.S. 2048. Stocks are normally available with either foot or flange mounting at 1400 RPM for operation on 415 volts (+6%) 3 phase 50 hertz. Brake motors for operation on single phase, different voltages, higher standards or ingress protection and different speeds are readily available to order.