Clutches and Brakes - INTORQ BFK

INTORQ BFK458 and BFK458-L spring-applied brakes (LongLife)

Versatile standard product, also ideal for fast switching cycles

Standard spring-applied brake for general and special applications. Torque: BFK458 from 2 to 600 Nm, BFK458-L from 2 to 32 Nm Particularly well-suited to applications in the fields of: brake motors, cranes, warehousing, wood working machines, industrial trucks.


  • BFK458 available in 9 sizes, LongLife version BFK458-L available in 4 sizes
  • CSA and UR designs
  • Temperature class F (155°C)
  • Preset air gap
  • Long, low-wear rotor/stroke movements
  • Manual release available on all sizes
  • Air gap and wear monitor (optional)
  • Modular design can be adapted to virtually any application
  • Additional properties of the BFK 458-L LongLife version
    • Can be used continuously for high switching cycles without stoppages
    • Typical load cycles increased from 10 - 15 million