DC Drives - Single Phase DC Drives

0.37KW - 11KW Single Phase DC Drives

Model 340XRi - 3.4 Amps (0.55KW/0.75HP)
Model 680XRi - 6.8 Amps (0.75KW/1.0HP)
Model 1220XRi - 12.2 Amps (1.8KW/2.0HP

This 4 Quadrant regenerative DC motor controller gives a fast controlled response over the full forward/reverse speed range for motoring and braking.

Improve your energy efficiency by regenerating energy into the mains supply whilst under braking. The energy invested accelerating the load mass is recovered when braking. No dissipation of energy in wasteful braking resistors. The compact DIN rail mounting package can save you space as well as energy.

Three options are available for controlling DC motors up to 12.2 Amps. You can use this versatile series of fully-isolated controllers for permanent magnet or shunt wound motors.

To make your installation quick and simple, all 340XRi, 680XRi, and 1220XRi series controllers have easy to access drive adjustments, plug-on screw terminals and a small foot print from just 60mm x 105mm.